How to use your hyperlocal website

Cyfarwyddiadau i siaradwyr newydd / A step-by-step guide for Welsh learners

Lowri Jones
gan Lowri Jones

Hello! Croeso – welcome to your hyperlocal website – a platform for local people to share their stories in the native tounge of Wales.

Where do you live?

There are 8 hyperlocal websites, in Ceredigon and Arfon. Look at the map to find yours!

You can enjoy reading, watching and listening to the stories created by members of your community – use the Vocab button for assistance.

How to contribute your story

Your website’s interface is easy to use and you have 3 steps to follow:

  1. Create an account (Ymuno)
  2. Create your story – with pictures, videos or audio clips (Creu > Stori)
  3. Present story for publishing (Cyhoeddi)

Follow the above images for a step-by-step guide to publishing your story.

Don’t worry about spelling and grammar – have the confidence to use the Welsh you have! The website’s local team of editors will check every story before publishing.

Good luck, and enjoy putting your newly-learned skills into practice!

Helfa Pryfedtach Prys a’r Pryfed

09:30, 22 Gorffennaf – 16:00, 31 Awst (Digwyddiad am ddim, codir tal mynediad arferol i'r ardd.)

Gwersyll y Fyddin Rufeinig

10:30, 22 Gorffennaf – 15:30, 26 Gorffennaf (£2.50 y plentyn)